Unleashing the Power of Plant Biochemistry

Who We Are

Dedicated professionals. Multidisciplinary background. Doctors, PhD researchers, experienced organic farmers, and passionate individuals from across the globe have convened to research and bring to market the purest formulations. Our team is proudly based in the United States.

Disruptive Technology

Our groundbreaking research has lead to exciting new nutraceutical products. Our contaminant screening technology enables us to identify contaminants at every stage of production and create safer products. We possess proprietary procedures, technology, and techniques able to identify bioactive molecules to unlock their fullest potential in human applications.

Vertically Integrated Business Model

We grow many of our own products. We control what goes in so we can ensure about what comes out.

Integrity At Every Turn

Potency, contaminant testing at every stage of manufacture. Exceptional third-party lab testing to guarantee accuracy; clinical trials.  

Industry-leading operations

Our vertically integrated business structure allows for streamlined operations, lower overall operating cost, reduced cost of good sold, and exceptional quality assurance. Our contaminant screening technology safeguards our customers while maintaining the high level of purity for which we have come to be known.  We possess the unique ability to pivot our business and lab operations to meet the needs of a dynamic and changing marketplace. 

Genuine and Pure Products

We have utilized third-party labs to guarantee every batch is certified as genuine and that you receive authentic Brilliant Health product. 

Community Engagement

Our staff has focused on the needs of our local community by engaging local partners and contractors whenever possible. We know our business impact can transcend the bottom line to enrich our community.

Global focus with a local community impact

Although our initial product rollouts centered on domestic US sales, our goal is to reach consumers worldwide by the end of 2021. We have strived to enrich our communities by building relationships and strengthening community partnerships.

Unparalleled Product Purity

We test our products at every stage of manufacture. Our stringent screening processes supersede the requirements set forth by even the strictest certification authority. Our manufacturing facilities are top of the line. The technology we utilize is top notch. The ability to screen inhouse and deliver a unique chemical profile for all our input materials offers insight into the being utilized.

Purity Testing:

Every stage

Every time.

Purity Testing:
Every stage
Every time

Our story begins anew with each harvest. We work with each batch to ensure consistent results through a rigorous testing process. We utilize the latest technology to deliver consistent results with each batch. You know that what you are getting is genuine Brilliant Health product.

We built our business on the principles of purity, honesty and integrity. Our foundation is solid. Our roots are in science.

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